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Corporate Venue Hire


Discover the perfect venue for your team building activities in Houston. From corporate retreats to fun team challenges, our versatile space accommodates all types of events. Foster collaboration and strengthen bonds within your team in a dynamic and engaging setting. Elevate your team building experience with top-notch amenities and customizable options at our Houston venue.

Corporate Venue Room Houston

The Ultimate Space for Your TEAM BUILDING

Elevate team dynamics at our premier venue with engaging activities. Foster teamwork, communication, and growth for an unforgettable experience.

Rent an On-Site Office for Convenient Work

Experience the privacy of our exclusive open space, available for hourly or multi-day rentals. Furnished with Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, TVs, a bathroom, small kitchenette, ample parking, HDMI ports, USB capability, sound system, and a whiteboard, it's perfect for your exclusive use and that of your customers or guests.

Pop-Up Success with Our Space Rental

Elevate your business on your terms with our flexible space rental options. Choose from hourly, full-day, or multi-day options, providing you with the perfect space for selling, advertising, or facilitating customer meetings and pickups. 

Build a Stronger Team with Our Team Builders

Join us for extraordinary team-building experiences! Our engaging activities, led by expert facilitators, foster communication, trust, and collaboration. Choose hassle-free options with our space rental for a DIY approach or opt for our full planning services. Invest in your team's success — contact us today for an unforgettable experience!

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Mixology Workshop

  • Candlemaking Workshop

  • Cake/Cookie Decorating

  • Charcuterie Board Workshop

  • Paint And Sip

  • Murder Mystery Dinner

  • So Much More

Flexible Workshop Rental for Your Creative Endeavors

Make your creative vision a reality in our Workshop Rental for Your Creative Endeavors. Our bright and spacious facility is equipped with all the essential tools and amenities you need to make your project come to life. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our versatile space can accommodate your needs at an affordable price.

Spacious, Comfortable Private Tutoring Space Rental

Our open space, available for rent, is ideal for both one-on-one and multi-student sessions, making it a great place to teach your clients and students. With modern amenities and a spacious layout, our space can be used to maximize productivity and enhance learning. Elevate your students education in a perfect setting for focused learning


What’s included in your rental?
- 1200 Square Foot Space 
- White Walls

-Small Kitchenette (microwave, small refrigerator, countertop, and storage)
- Hardwood Floors
- 40 Black Resin Chairs 
- 6 Six Foot Long Tables
- Wood Bar/Table (on wheels) you can place wherever you like
- 1 Unisex Restroom

- Display wall with shelving
-  Two 65 Inch TVs
- Built-In Sound System 

-HDMI Ports

-USB Ports

-White Board


-Built-In iPad For Music
- Air Conditioning 
- Beautiful Natural Light


Looking for exciting Team Building Events in Houston?


At our venue in Houston, team building activities are designed to spark creativity and strengthen bonds among team members. The candle making workshop invites participants to craft their unique scented candles, fostering a sense of artistry and relaxation. Mixology workshops offer a hands-on experience in creating signature cocktails, encouraging teamwork and communication.

For those with a sweet tooth, cookie and cake decorating sessions provide a fun and delicious way to collaborate and unleash their culinary skills. The calligraphy workshop allows team members to refine their penmanship and attention to detail, emphasizing precision and creativity. Hat decorating workshops offer a unique outlet for self-expression and imaginative design.

Amidst these engaging activities, a private dinner setting provides an intimate space for team members to connect over a shared meal, strengthening relationships and camaraderie. Paint and sip sessions encourage artistic exploration and expression, fostering a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for team collaboration. With a diverse array of activities, our venue ensures a dynamic and enriching team building experience for all participants.


While booking, make sure to tack on the hours that best suit your needs. Upon entry and exit to your time here at Trading Spaces HTX, your rental time will start promptly upon the hour booked, and your exit will be assured promptly upon the last hour booked. Our staff ensures that the space is unlocked before your entry and locked up upon your exit. 50% percent of your invoice total is due to confirm your date and hours. The remaining balance is due 14 days before your desired date.

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